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Help Support your guilds needs. All donations go straight into the guild's Ventrilo and Website which costs $180 US dollars yearly. We promise you that the money will ONLY be used for these two things! As an extra BONUS anybody who donates will receive 5 DKP points for every $1 US dollar they donate
Donations made to the above PayPal account are not received by, and are solely for the site administrator who configured this content.
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Please help us pay for our vent and website!
Apr 13, 10 9:39 AM
Apr 13, 10 6:30 AM
Guild Tradeskills
Oct 2, 09 10:10 AM
New Medal System soon to be implimented
Mar 12, 09 12:31 AM
Ancients Council please participate!
Jan 18, 09 6:50 AM
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    We are a strong guild, being formed from some members of a prior organization. We are easy-going for the most part, even though we can be quite serious about the adherance to our rules. Most specifically, we would ask that all members continue to remember that since we are in public, we have a reputation to form. If any member acts in a rude or harsh way, this may have a permanent impact on the way our guild is percieved. 

    As a new member, just take your time and look around the site. Make sure to register, and get used to being a member of this great guild!!!

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Please help us pay for our vent and website!

Alfinator, Apr 13, 10 9:39 AM.
Even 1 dollar will help! all donations are going directly into the guilds website and ventrilo which costs more than 180 dollars yearly. I swear to you that is where the donations will go. As a precaution i will set up an area where you can see how much has been donated so everybody in the guild participating in the guild donation will be able to see exactly how much you've helped. ALSO as an even extra BONUS every 1 dollar donated will reward you with 5 DKP points to spend on gear. HOPE YOU HELP US!!! thank you :)


Raderman88, Apr 13, 10 6:30 AM.
Strats are up on the website for bosses we are currently on. read up on them.

Guild Tradeskills

Alfinator, Oct 2, 09 10:10 AM.
NEW!!! now if keep your characters and settings updated with your professions the entire guild can now look at your professions via the website. however this is something each individual must update and if you have any questions about how to do this contact icefax in game or alfinator on the website. ENJOY!

New Medal System soon to be implimented

Alfinator, Mar 12, 09 12:31 AM.
I've been working very hard to bring you guys an achievment system on the guild website. this achievment system will work much like the one in the game. when you fulfill certain requirements you will be rewarded with a medal representing your hard work. for example there will be a medal for being level 80 and another for depositing a certain amount of gold into the guild bank. many more will be there to start and many more to come.

Ancients Council please participate!

Alfinator, Jan 18, 09 6:50 AM.
The guild website is now starting to look very good and underway with more and more new things being added and upgraded daily. I wish to see more people using the site for whatever purpose they wish! Thank you !
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